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Zero Peer to Peer Transfer fees

Transfer instantly to other users or other banks


WA Stake Cash

Investing your earnings will get you where you need to be in no time. We keep all financial documents in order concerning you.


Your wallet has the key that open many doors. Here is where you keep your most important assets. We help you maintain and secure what is yours.

Stake Cash and Coin Interest All Work

Autowealth Token V3 Algorithm

When you think of Stocks, automatically you think of the Wall Street or the World Trade Center where the big deals are being made daily. Extraordinary gains are made from Stock investments.

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Server Hosting Contracts

Cryptocurrency is one of the best digital assets you can own at this moment in time. This computerized database is used as an electronic money we use globally in the internet industry.

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High Yield Savings Accounts

This account we called High Yield Savings Account is known to pay more then the standard average. This account also has the tendency to be risk free, meaning you won't lose your money so easily.

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The only card you need

Enjoy up to 8% back on all spending with your sleek, pure metal card.
No annual fees. Top-up with fiat or crypto.


Secure Wallet

The advanced way of storing your bitcoin and cryptocurrency. This device allows cold storage and only the owner can physically confirm all transactions being made.

Fully Protection

Being Fully Protected is the fact of all that matters. We protect your assets on all four side. this we call maximum locked down security.

Analysis & Planning

This is the financial status of your investment and time. Knowing the methods of research and putting in order what's out of order.

Investment projects

We Depend on one another to achieve financially economic goals. As a team we are responsible for all task and ongoing activities.

Trading Platform

This Online Trading Platform is where all trading exists and take place. This very computer software programation, allows ordering to be placed according to financial products.

Buy & Sell Coin

This is your global marketing place! Here you will and deal and learn about the buys, the sells and how does it effects your economy. Get more out of your coins by staying on top of your game!

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