Vinny’s ThinkorSwim Toolbox

Vinny’s ThinkorSwim Toolbox




Like most traders, I have always been trying different strategies to use to my advantage while trading. Sometimes a new strategy requires you to take in more information, while other times, it’s all about getting a different perspective of the markets. 


Over years of trying different things I have collected quite a few different Indicators, Scanners, Chart Styles, Strategies, etc. These are tools that I use to help me make better decisions in various types of markets. Many of these tools were taken from various websites and traders. However, some of the tools I wanted were very hard to find, so I created them myself. I am not a professional coder but I have and will continue to put in countless hours creating, adjusting, and fine tuning things to get these tools to work as best as possible. I will try to update this document as often as possible, so be sure to save this webpage by bookmarking it or by saving this link: Vinny’s Toolbox 


I have decided to release all of these tools to the world in hopes that it helps cut down someone’s learning curve and/or helps someone make some money. Not all of these tools are perfect for everyone and in every situation, but I am confident that most individuals will find at least something here that they see as useful. Feel free to share anything here with other traders that you like, but not the traders that you don’t like.

No payments are necessary or expected. If you would like to show your appreciation,  just tell me how awesome and handsome I am ?.


Feel free to send me any suggestions or ideas about tools you’d like to improve or you’d like to have but can’t find!


   Hope this helps!

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Still Under Construction 

Stay tuned for more additions as I go through and sort out everything I have that is worth sharing.


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