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Vinny’s ThinkorSwim Toolbox




Like most traders, I have always been trying different strategies to use to my advantage while trading. Sometimes a new strategy requires you to take in more information, while other times, it’s all about getting a different perspective of the markets. 


Over years of trying different things I have collected quite a few different Indicators, Scanners, Chart Styles, Strategies, etc. These are tools that I use to help me make better decisions in various types of markets. Many of these tools were taken from various websites and traders. However, some of the tools I wanted were very hard to find, so I created them myself. I am not a professional coder but I have and will continue to put in countless hours creating, adjusting, and fine tuning things to get these tools to work as best as possible. I will try to update this document as often as possible, so be sure to save this webpage by bookmarking it or by saving this link: Vinny’s Toolbox 


I have decided to release all of these tools to the world in hopes that it helps cut down someone’s learning curve and/or helps someone make some money. Not all of these tools are perfect for everyone and in every situation, but I am confident that most individuals will find at least something here that they see as useful. Feel free to share anything here with other traders that you like, but not the traders that you don’t like.

No payments are necessary or expected. If you would like to show your appreciation,  just tell me how awesome and handsome I am ?.


Feel free to send me any suggestions or ideas about tools you’d like to improve or you’d like to have but can’t find!


   Hope this helps!

  • Vinny


Email: VinnyTitone@Gmail.com

Instagram: @VinnyTitone

Twitter: @Vinny_Titone

Venmo: @VinnyTitone

paypal.me/VinnyTitone ?


Still Under Construction 

Stay tuned for more additions as I go through and sort out everything I have that is worth sharing.


Indicators for ThinkorSwim

Indicators for ThinkorSwim


  • Highlight and copy the link provided below the picture of the indicator you want to download.
  • Go into your ThinkorSwim program.
  • Click on “Setup” in the top right corner.
  • Click on “Open Shared Item” from the drop down menu.
  • Use CTRL+V to paste the link inside of the box.
  • Click “Preview”
  • Click “Open”
  • A new window with a chart will appear.  
  •  Once the chart is opened, you will be able to find the indicator automatically saved in your Studies list so you can easily place the indicators on your own charts if you’d like.  


To find the indicators in the future:

  • Open the chart you want to add the indicator to.
  • Click “Studies”
  •  Click “Add Study” From the dropdown menu
  •  Select “User Defined”
  •  The study should be saved under the name “Shared_XXXXX


Some of these charts have multiple studies added to them to save space/time. You do not have to keep them together and can remove the studies you don’t want.


All source codes can be viewed/adjusted by opening up the “Edit Studies and Strategies” window and right clicking a particular study/strategy.  From here you can make more advanced changes in calculations and learn more about how it all works to maybe even figure out how to do it yourself! (That’s how I learned)
Indicators for ThinkorSwim

Stochastic Divergence Indicator

Stochastic Divergence Indicator

We was having a hard time finding a stochastic divergence indicator that worked well. So, We coded Our own from scratch and even added in some little features We thought were cool and useful.

This study uses a StochasticFast that can be adjusted to any length you prefer through the properties menu.
Green Arrow = Buy Divergence
Red Arrow = Sell Divergence
White Arrow = Hidden Divergence (both directions)

To enable/disable hidden divergences, select “Yes” or “No” in the properties.

– Works on all tickers
– Works on all timeframes
– Audible Alerts Available

Contact us more info or Visit at www.wealthautomatically.com

Cloud Hosting Is One Of The Most Important And Best For Websites Majority

Cloud Hosting is one of the most important and best for websites majority. Cloud web hosting is hosting that uses the resources of lots of different clustered servers. Usually, this means that your web page and website uses the necessary resources of many servers to contain all the aspects of hosting your web-page or site. The load is balanced, security and many other things are taken care of, and hardware resources are available so they can use when needed—the array of servers in the cloud. Cloud web hosting is a solution for web pages or sites that have outgrown the resources of their current shared hosting provider. If a web page is causing a strain and extremely popular on the resources supplied by a shared server, you may need to bring another solution. Often this solution is committed hosting where your web page and sire resides on its server. The main problem with the dedicated cloud hosting, though, is that it is both requires a certain level of IT knowledge and significantly more expensive.

Today let’s talk about the few best cloud web hosting servers;

Wealth Automatically:-

Wealth Automatically is a famous web hosting service provider company. They provide high-frequency server. One of the famous web hosting providers in the USA.Wealth Automatically skilled in delivering ultra-low latency server with its high-frequency server hosting in the USA. Through a combination of proximity hosting, advanced services and technology. We provide speed and fantastic performance which is unattainable by most of the hosting providers.

Custom Server Package

Your profit

USD 4.16/Per Month

Price for 5.0 GH/s per $1.00

A Contract for 3 Years

Entry Level Server Package

Your profit

USD 436.57/Per Month

Price for 52500 GH/s

A Contract for 3 Years

Mid Range Server Package

Your profit

USD 1143.41/Per month

Price for 137500 GH/s

A Contract for 3 Years

Premium Server Package

Your profit

USD 2494.71/Per month

Price for 300000 GH/s

A Contract for 3 Years


This server gives quality web hosting at low prices. How intense is it’s the pricing? Hostinger cheapest plan is basically at $7.45 per month. That’s an annual price, and it jumps up when you are renewing your server plans. But it’s still one of the intense prices for web hosting out there.

While it is not the one lowest cloud web hosting price on this list, it is still lacking. Couple that with their 99% uptime decently fast speeds and guarantee, and you have yourself an outstanding and excellent host.

A2 Hosting:-

A2 Hosting has one of the most fantastic reputations for being the fastest cloud web hosting providers on the hosting market. Their cloud plans are just reliable and fast.

I like the A2 cloud server option because the plans are unique or customizable bases on your website or web-page needs. Plans start ar $5,$10 per month, amazingly. But you only pay for the sources that you will use based on how you construct your cloud servers. If customer support is more important to you, then you will surely be satisfied with A2s 24/7/365 guru support team.


It may not be a well-known web hosting provider in the hosting industry, but its hosting plans are amazingly some of the best.

They have web hosting solutions for everyone.

Agency and small business cloud hosting

Enterprise cloud hosting plans

Applications cloud hosting plans

Altogether, it has ten different pricing tiers and plans for web hosting, which is the more I have seen by any hosting provider. Web Hosting is afantastic solution for growing your web-pages and websites. If your plan can no longer contain the needs of your web-page, then you should consider switching to a cloud solution.So what is the best and useful web hosting provider? It depends on what you are looking for or what’s your needs.


DreamHost is one of the most comfortable web cloud setups in the industry. You can get your web cloud services live in less than 40 seconds. With that said, the DreamHost cloud server is best and beneficial for developers. They have server choices that are made for web apps, running tests and databases in addition to websites. You can continue your work with DevOps tools that you are already using. This also gives you full root access for complete control over your cloud servers. One of the most fantastic parts about DreamHost is that you only pay for what you are using. You will get charged for resources on hourly based on the size of your server.

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