• Market data connectivity with ultra low latency on FIX protocol
  • Supports Forex,Equity,Bonds and Bitcoin
  • Strategy engine to run customized strategy on market data
  • Persistence of ticks/candles
  • Live streaming of candles to web/mobiles apps
  • Historical data querying interface
  • Communication with Data analytic tools like KDB,Hadoop
  • Plug n play architecture
  • Aggregation of market data with multiple broker/venue
  • seamless deployment in cloud
  • Easy maintainability and low maintenance cost


  • Order management with ultra low latency on FIX protocol
  • Supports Forex,Equity and Bonds
  • Seamlessly Order execution with multiple broker
  • Custom rule based engine to place order
  • STP reporting and Drop copy of Trade
  • Pre and Post Trade compliance check
  • Event Driven order updates to web/mobiles apps
  • Live/ End of day Pnl and Positioning reporting
  • Alerting on price changes,exposure or any data points
  • Rest Interface for placing order from custom Mobile/Web app
  • Best for co-location solution
  • Cloud deployment and easy maintenance



We can integrate a variety of indicators or create custom indicators to meet your needs.

STP/Risk Management

Smart trading system make decision not only basis of market price but it also takes into account trading history, profit/loss, and risk into account to provide the statistics needs in order to develop and perfect your trading system.

Market Data Connectivity

Hft Solutions provide connectivity across major market to get different market data feeds with low latency. Connectivity solutions are provided via fixed protocol or Broker proprietary api.

Automated Trading Program

We analyze your manual strategies then covert them in an automated strategies utilizing your brokers api.

Supported Brokers

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