About Automatic Wealth's Server Hostings Contracts

Automatic Wealth was founded in 2017. It is comprised of experts in Algorithm Trading Programs, Cryptocurrency trading, Bitcoin Mining, Custom Software Design. It was created in response to the growing demand for a product that offers both a reliable and passive income.

Automatic Wealth saw an opportunity to take a play from the AWS playbook and expand into the server sector. We utilizes 2-3 year server hosting contracts. To purchase, maintain and resell hosting services. Funders are guaranteed a variable daily payout for the life of their contract with Automatic Wealth.

How do we generate the daily payouts?

‣ Hosting and server rentals able to resell the hosting of 1000s of subscribers.
‣ Profits from Custom Software and IOS/Android App
‣ Design, Development and End User Licensing.
‣ Proprietary wealth algorithms

How to I get started?

  • Select you package, we recommend $5000.00 So that you’re able to make your first withdrawal in less than 30 days.
  • The minimum to withdraw is $150.00 in your earned balance.

What is GH/s mean?

  • The packages you are purchasing are Hash Rate. In the form of  Gigahertz per second.
  • Think of this as processing power on a computer. The more processing power one purchases the faster and more often these transactions can processed.
  • The more transactions a server processes, the more clients it can support and thus the more income it is able to generate.

Hash rate and Profitability

  • This graph show your amount of Hash Rate.
  • Daily Payout rate of return over the past year has ranged from 0.10% to 0.27% a day (that is 36% to 97% a year)
  • Daily Payouts amount fluctuates based on (5) conditions:
    • Profit and Loss on Server Hosting resale.
    • Profits from Software Design and Licensing Subscriptions
    • Total Amount of server GH/s
    • Total Amount of AutoWealth Token GH/s
  • All of these factors are aggregated into both a daily and quarterly payout, yielding optimal gains.

How do I see what I have earned?

  • Go to “My Balance” this page will show the current Dollars (USD) gained from Server subscription, Software Licensing and other income generating activities.

So now I have mined $150.00 — What do I do now?

  • Reinvest your earning in more Hash Rate
    • You can reinvest a portion or the full amount into buying more Server packages.
    • The more Hash Rate you have, the faster you make money!
  • Withdraw earnings
    • PayPal
    • Wire transfer

Don’t have the money to get started?

  • Become and Affiliate, and make money partnering with Automatic Wealth
    • Share your referral link
    • Enter the email addresses of people you know who would be interested in earning money while they sleep.
    • When they sign up using the email address provided, you will get 10% of their Server package Purchase added to your account.