How do we generate the daily payouts?

‣ Hosting and server rentals able to resell the hosting of 1000s of subscribers.
‣ Profits from Custom Software and IOS/Android App
‣ Design, Development and End User Licensing.
‣ Proprietary wealth algorithms

How to I get started?

  • Select you package, we recommend $5000.00 So that you’re able to make your first withdrawal in less than 30 days.
  • The minimum to withdraw is $150.00 in your earned balance.

What is GH/s mean?

  • The packages you are purchasing are Hash Rate. In the form of  Gigahertz per second.
  • Think of this as processing power on a computer. The more processing power one purchases the faster and more often these transactions can processed.
  • The more transactions a server processes, the more clients it can support and thus the more income it is able to generate.

Hash rate and Profitability

  • This graph show your amount of Hash Rate.
  • Daily Payout rate of return over the past year has ranged from 0.10% to 0.27% a day (that is 36% to 97% a year)
  • Daily Payouts amount fluctuates based on (5) conditions:
    • Profit and Loss on Server Hosting resale.
    • Profits from Software Design and Licensing Subscriptions
    • Total Amount of server GH/s
    • Total Amount of AutoWealth Token GH/s
  • All of these factors are aggregated into both a daily and quarterly payout, yielding optimal gains.